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A place gains meaning by the meeting technical solutions with aesthetic.

For presenting these technical solutions with an artistic expression, the corporations that we’ve worked with since 1968 have taken their places in this formation.

Kartes Merchandising Systems are available for you, which are designed with solution-oriented hard work, with great work experience and labor.

Thanks to all who thinks, apply, create and make it lives.

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Office furniture is indispensable for a company, for an organization. We began to see and live together with office furniture from our childhood and that goes same our whole life.

Maybe they seemed as unimportant details but we make maybe the most important decisions or have the best moments of our lives while they surround us. Office systems that also increase the efficiency found the main components of Kartes.

Kartes Office Systems presented in order to simplify your live with the experience comes through from the establishment date, 1968.

In nature all colors, sounds, objects lie in harmony and the other dissonant ones affect aesthetics and usage. Production format of Kartes is taken in hand in this outline.

The indispensible element of every object in nature and in our life is the 'GOLDEN RATIO', It's the starting point of Kartes.

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